Best Examples of Web Design Goals and Objectives

Best Examples of Web Design Goals and Objectives

Before letting you know the best examples of web designs, Goals, and Objectives, let us first see some basic things your website must have.

What Is Your Website Really Supposed to Do?

I will address a crucial topic: establishing the right website objectives. Formerly you even consider hiring an agency to help you make a new website. However, it’s critical to thin down what you need that website to achieve. And here’s why.

The Best Examples of Website Goals:

  • Get More leads
  • Improve Lead Conversation Rate
  • Improve Sales Flow
  • Increase LTV
  • Increase Sales from Returning Customers


According to HubSpot, the leading website and digital marketing authority, approximately 72% of all new websites fail. Yes. You read that correctly. Nearly three-quarters of all websites fail. That means most businesses never reap the benefits their website was intended to deliver. It often happens because of wrong website objectives. Today, we will show you the sound samples of website objectives you would have at the start. And that is a costly fault. 

Now, the picture that you already have a website. Let’s say it’s five years old, and its appearance is outdated, so you want to change it. So you find a firm to rebuild it for you. Unfortunately, it takes a few months, a lot of effort, and it costs quite a bit of money.

Now you have this colorful new website, and it looks great – so much improved from the old one! Just one problem. The amount of traffic produced on the new site is the same as the old one. The number of chances that you get is similar. The number of auctions that you get is similar. But what was the main object of the construction of a new website?

The effort and money paid to build your beautiful new website are wasted. What’s worse is the vast opportunity cost (the amount of revenue you did not generate that you would have developed if the website operated as it should have). 

How To Choose The Accurate Goals To Shape A New Website

I want to address this prevalent problem by giving you a list of questions to ask you and the website design agency you’re seeing hiring to build your website. Replying to these questions before you go on your website journey will ensure success. So let’s get ongoing. Ask the following questions: 

  • What are the right objectives I should set for my upcoming website?
  • How will I recognize that the agency I hired to build this new website will help me scope those goals?
  • Will this website care for my sales process and advertising efforts?

What Are The Accurate Objectives To Set For Your Upcoming Website

The website objectives rest on the type of business and your website. For example, suppose you are not running an e-commerce business. In that case, your website is not an automobile through which individuals can directly buy to some degree. In this case, guests are on your website to discover your business. Of course, they do not want to purchase anything from your website. And they might not even give you their lead. But they have to listen about your business, or perhaps they’ve talked to you already, and now they want to make sure you’re real. So, they visit your site where they can inspect your business further and continue the discussion or explore online. If this is the situation, there are a few sites aims you should effort on.

Start With GOALS

Goal 1: Increase Sales

Search engine optimization, well-organized content, user-friendly site, compelling calls to action, increased change rate.

Goal 2: Become an Authoritative Resourcel

You provide excellent content on your website, regularly add new info, establish trust, and advertise your site on other sites and social media.

Goal 3: Improve Interaction with Existing and Likely Customers

E-mail marketing lists, online support, webinars, and content designed to give your visitor a reason to return.

Goal 4: Build Your Brand

Active social media package, promotions, status management.

Why Attraction Is Vital For A New Website To Increase Sales

The first objective (which is relevant for most productions) is attraction. Your new website should interest more visitors than the old one. If your present website is somewhat outdated, the new website should be planned and optimized better to ensure user-friendliness. It should feature the correct type of content to appeal to more relevant visitors. This is the main objective that most of us should effort on.

Why Conversion Is As Vital As Design

For a website strategy to be effective, it must fulfill its proposed function by conveying your particular brand note while at the same time engaging. Crucial factors such as consistency, proper site map reading and user experience (UX), colors, typography, imagery, simplicity, and functionality contribute to good website design.

The second objective is conversion. So now that you’re picture in more traffic, it is also essential to convert that traffic at a higher rate. For example, suppose more people are coming to your website. In that case, more people should also be giving you their contact info, calling you, finishing “contact us” forms, or joining with your business. So that’s what it means to rise conversion, and it should be a direct result of traffic visiting your website.

By increasing conversion, you could, or better put should, increase the number of leads and opportunities. For e-commerce firms, the number of sales your business achieves. 

The last objective you should focus on is confirming that your website supports your sales and marketing processes. For example, if your association is all about lead generation or selling professional services, is your website designed to help those essential functions? For instance, understand you are in the eCommerce business.

Website Objectives

Ensure the goals you set are aligned with the five SMART criteria (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound). Better still, you can focus your energies concertedly and have a solid basis to make all your marketing choices. 

You should make objectives for each step of the website creating and marketing process as well:

  • Web design objectives – how to raise the conversion rate
  • Web change objectives – Optimizing the website’s load time, making a responsive website design, etc.
  • Marketing objectives – in what way to drive leads

As stated above, objectives can be anything from confirming high-quality content. The content should be flowing in plenty in the forms of SEO-centric blogs, landing pages, and e-mail campaigns. In addition, live support, promotions, seminars, special offers, and customer incentives will also ensure that your visitors remain engaged with your website.

Do not hire that agency if they cannot clearly explain – or show you – a plan describing how your key objectives will be accomplished. But, still, you might be missing out on hundreds of thousands or, depending on your business, even millions of dollars worth of opportunities. Unfortunately, prospects will not come your way because your website was not designed to accomplish crucial objectives right out of the gate.