The key benefits of using WordPress for your website

Once thought of as just a blogging platform and tool, WordPress has now become one of the most widely used website and content management system (CMS) platforms today. Web designers consistently use WordPress because of its scalability and its flexibility. As a CMS, its brilliant features allow development to seem effortless. Our clients at ImageDpi Graphics, absolutely love it and here are a few reasons why we do to:

  1. WordPress is highly customizable and extremely rich in features. The designers at ImageDpi Graphics have an array of options available in creating a customized theme just for you. Because of the functionality of WordPress, we are able to customize your website in a number of ways, including color, video galleries, social feeds, calendars, and so much more, with the use of plugins.
  2. We are a Washington DC web designer, which makes access anywhere very important. With WordPress, we can manage your website at our office, at your office, or at a coffee shop of your choice.
  3. Administration of the CMS portion of WordPress is extremely flexible. It will allow the addition of multiple users, where each user can have different permissions. This is helpful when maintaining your website.
  4. WordPress is good for your business. It is the ideal platform for startup and small businesses, and with the unlimited scalability, it is great for mid-size businesses as well. You can have thousands of pages, without slowing it down.
  5. Because WordPress is an open source platform, your web development in Washington DC, can further develop your site.

If the above benefits were not enough, one of the top selling points of WordPress, is the fact that it is considered one of the best content management systems for search engine optimization. It includes the ability to alter permalinks (so you can focus on specific keywords), gives you the option to add tags per post (which will aid in bot searches), provides optimized images (which helps Google index them), and because of its clean code, it is easily crawled by search bots.

WordPress is a great website and content management system platform, which is why ImageDpi Graphics uses it exclusively. If you have been looking or contemplating hiring a Washington DC web designer, look no further. We can provide you with the flexibility and the scalability you are looking for. We will create a new, fresh and exciting website for you and your business, utilizing one of the best platforms available today. Contact us today for a free consultation.