Print Design is still a great marketing strategy

Yes, in this digital age, print design services are still alive and a good investment for your company. While it seems that many print design companies are no longer providing print services, the fact remains that print is still an extremely effective marketing tool. 

Your search for a great print design company will start with determining what marketing pieces you wish to produce. Print marketing differs from online marketing, therefore you will want to find a reputable and capable company to handle all of your print design needs. Here are a few things to consider if the print design company is suitable for your needs: 

  • While direct mail and print marketing is still viable tool for businesses, it is important that your print design (whether it be direct mail pieces, package design, brochure design, catalog design, and more) stand out from the crowd. You will want your piece to catch the consumer’s eye and not be thrown away with the many others received. When searching for a print design company, ask to see samples of their pieces. When you lay them out on a table and walk up to view them, do any of them catch your eye? If not, move on to the next company. 
  • Making your print designs unique will take some customization. Be sure that the designer can handle unique shapes, colors, and more. An experienced designer can handle unique and interesting layouts and designs and will have lots of ideas about setting your business apart from the competition. 
  • While most print marketing does not cross over to digital well, you should find a company that has the capability of doing so. When your marketing pieces can also be displayed in the online space and drive even more traffic to your business, it is a great sales boost for you. Many print designing companies have the ability to transform your print pieces, so they can be displayed on social media and even on your website. 
  • Always make sure that the company you choose will provide you with revisions. Pricing may differ if you are looking to have multiple revisions. 


While your online marketing strategy and campaign may be the predominant marketing for your company, do not underestimate what print design can do for your business and sales. A well-crafted print design marketing strategy can enhance your overall marketing campaign. You may experience increased sales, more loyal customers, and a brand that is more identifiable.