Project Description

A logo design that won a design contest to design a logo for Brain Tapper Knowledge Solutions which specializes in knowledge and information management. It uses technology to help companies capture internal knowledge (“tapping the brains” of their employees using tools like wikis) as well as converting knowledge into actionable information (dashboards, charts, reports).

Client testimonial below:

“Congratulations Laith! Your design won! There were three core criteria that the winner had to meet: 1 – Appeal to my emotions: I had to love the esthetic of the work. 2 – Appeal to my brains: The design had to make sense for the image I wanted to communicate, i.e., elegant and professional. 3 – Appropriateness to the company – To others, it had to at least imply what kind of work I do. Many of the designs met one or two of the criteria, but yours met all three. You did some fantastic work. Throughout the contest, I kept coming back to this core design. I think you reached design perfection with v7. For me it was hard to improve on that design, hence my feedback on your subsequent versions.”
Steven NG, Brain Tapper