Why you should hire a graphic designer

Creating your business’s true vision is the goal of graphic design work. Businesses have between 4-8 seconds to wow a consumer before they move on to the next website, package, or advertisement. Since people are visual creatures, they typically “buy with their eyes.” In order to gain the consumer’s attention and close the sale, you must have an eye-catching design. Graphic design Virginia involves your entire marketing collection, including creating a branding image, web development, print design, and much more.

Now that you understand the importance of your hire of a graphic designer in Washington DC, here are some things to consider before you actually hire him/her:

  • Rates – when you consider hiring a graphic designer, you will need to understand the many factors that determine the rate structure. There are many experienced and talented individuals in the design community. Graphic design Washington DC rates vary between flat and hourly rates, and can range from $15 per hour to $150 per hour. Be prepared to pay your graphic designer a deposit and always remain objective. Do not make assumptions about the pricing. Ask questions and get the clarity you need to make the right decision.
  • Experience – when considering hiring a graphic designer, you will want to make sure that the designer has the level of experience you are looking for. Ask to see the designer’s portfolio and always define your goals before searching for a Washington DC graphic designer. This will allow you to narrow your search for a DC designer that has the experience in the specific area you need.
  • Time – be sure that you are clear with your graphic designer about your timeline and any deadlines that you have during the initial meeting. Your designer will be honest with you regarding whether your project is able to be completed in such a time frame and when he/she will be available to start on your project.
  • Understanding – probably the most important piece to look at when you hire a graphic designer in Washington DC is whether they will understand your business. It is key that you spend the proper amount of time with your potential designer so that he/she can understand your business, values, and personality. This is critical in designing marketing that portrays you and your business properly.


Keep in mind when you look to hire out graphic design Virginia, that they will become a part of your marketing team. They can help you take your marketing to a level that will increase sales, earn you credibility and look professional. Do your research and hire the best graphic designer for your needs.