Are cartoon characters the right move for my business branding?

Are cartoon characters the right move for my business branding?

Think back to your childhood and all the cartoons you use to watch and read.  These cartoon characters were mesmerizing to you as a child.  Why do you think?  Because it was a character that was unique?  Because you wanted to be just like the cartoon character?  Whatever the reason – it still stands true today for many businesses that have found a way to incorporate cartoon characters into their branding and marketing strategy.

If you have wondered how you can create a cartoon character for your brand and your business, then perhaps you should take the time to seriously consider the possibilities.  Imagine if you could make your own cartoon character similar to the Jolly Green Giant, the Pillsbury Doughboy, or the Keebler Elves.  A dynamic cartoon brand can take your business to a level you never thought possible.  Here are a few things to consider in making a cartoon character part of your brand and business:


  • If you are unsure where to begin in creating your cartoon character, perhaps you can make your picture a cartoon.  There are graphic designers that can help you accomplish this and it is a great start to making your business cartoon character.  By taking your picture and converting it into a cartoon, you then have a starting place.  You then can work with your designer to make your character shine and showcase your business.
  • Consider how you will use your cartoon character.  Where will you display it?  Will it be just part of your logo, or will you do cartoon animation and video as well?  You must determine where you will use your cartoon, as that will play a part in its design.
  •  Depending on your business product or service, you may wish to consider creating cartoon scenes as well.  Once you have designed your character, you may need to create website promotions, social media spots, and direct mail marketing that will depict your cartoon character in a scene that will represent your business and have your audience associating with that scene and cartoon.

Sure it is fun to make your photo cartoon, but imagine if you took that fun piece of art and turned it into a business brand that made you recognizable across the world.  Cartoon branding is a unique craft and one that is not used by many businesses today.  Set yourself apart from the pack and consider creating a cartoon character for your business today.

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